Operation and repair of machines

Igamberdiev Askar Kimsanovich

Head of the department, associate professor

Теl.:  +99871-237-05-86

Email: a.igamberdiev@tiiame.uz



The department "Operation and repair of machines" was organized in 1937. Since 1938 it was called the "Machine Operation" department. In the future, the department was renamed to the department "Operation of the machine-tractor fleet". In the initial period of organization, the department was headed by Associate Professor V.E. Konkov. He headed the department until 1951. During these years, one of the first swallows of the institute, M.S. Lutsenko, led his own activities. In 1960 he defended his Ph.D. thesis and received the academic title of associate professor, and was also elected head of the department. M.S. Lutsenko headed the department until 1967. One of the most important events after the war was the fact that Associate Professor V.E. Konkov and Senior Lecturer M.S. Lutsenko published a book entitled “Comprehensive Mechanization of Cotton Growing” based on a number of their scientific research. For the enhanced development of the department's activities and the volume of educational work, in 1950, the department hired candidate of technical sciences M.I. Landsman and after some time graduates of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIIMSKH) N.A. Zhelnov, M.N.Sharipov, A.I Korsun. During these years, graduates of graduate school T.M. Musaev and V.P. Grudtsin began their pedagogical activity at the department. In December 1967, associate professor M.I. Landsman was elected to the post of head of the department. During the period of heading the department, he paid special attention to scientific work. During these years, from among the teachers M. Anargulov, Z. Yusupov, F. Dadabaev, Sh. Urdiev and the head of the laboratory S. Aligulov defended their candidate dissertations. During these years, out of 13 teachers, 10 had a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences. 1984-1994 Associate Professor F.K Dadabaev headed the department. From the staff of the department in 1981 Sh.U. Yuldashev, in 1983 A.I. Korsun defended his doctoral dissertations. In 1995-2002, Professor SS Sulaimonov headed the Department of Operation of the Machine and Tractor Park. In 2002, on the basis of the departments "Repair of machines" and "Operation of the machine and tractor fleet" the department "Operation and repair of the machine and tractor fleet" was organized and the head of this department was Associate Professor E.T. Farmonov. In 2004, on the basis of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture was transferred to the Tashkent State Agrarian University, and in this regard, the departments were merged into one department, as a result, the Department of Operation and Repair of Machine and Tractor Park was organized. ”, Which was headed by associate professor O. Urinboev. In 2005-2010, the department was headed by Associate Professor D. Alizhonov, 2010-2012 by Professor B.P.Shaimardonov. In 2012, the department was divided, on its basis the departments "Agricultural machines" and "Operation of the machine and tractor fleet and technical service" were organized, associate professor R. Khalilov was elected to the position of the department "Operation of the machine and tractor fleet and technical service". In May 2017, on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan ПҚ№ 3003, the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers was organized and the Department of "Operation and Repair of Machines" was created as part of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization and Associate Professor A.K Igamberdiev was elected to the position of the head of the Department. ... Currently, the department consists of 10 teachers and employees, including 7 associate professors (2 part-time), 3 assistants who carry out their activities.

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