Berdimuratov Paraxat Tajimuratovich

Head of the department,(Doctor of Philosophy-PhD)

Теl.:  +99871-237-05-86

Email: a.igamberdiev@tiiame.uz



The department "Use and repair of machines" was established in 1937. Since 1938, it has been named after the "Use of Machines" department. Later, the name of the department was changed to the department "Using the car tractor fleet". In the early days of the department's establishment, associate professor V. E. Konkov headed it. V. E. Konkov headed the department until 1951. In those years, M.S. Lutsenko, one of the first swallows of the institute, worked in the department. In 1960, he defended his candidate's thesis and received the title of associate professor, and was elected the head of the department. M.S. Lutsenko headed the department until 1967. One of the most important events after the war years was the book "kompleksnaya mekhanizatsiya khlopkovodstva" published on the basis of a number of scientific researches of associate professor V. E. Konkov and senior teacher M. S. Lutsenko. In the 1950s, due to the development of the department's activities and the increase in the volume of work, M.I. Landsman, a candidate of technical sciences, and later N.A. Zhelnov, M.N. Sharapov, and A.I. Korsunlar, graduates of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, were recruited to the department. In those years, T.M. Musaev and V.P. Grudsin, graduates of post-graduate studies, started their first activities as teachers at the department. In December 1967, associate professor M.I. Landsman was elected to the position of head of the department. During his leadership, he increased attention to scientific work in the department. During these years, among the teachers, M. Anarkulov, Z. Yusupov, F. Dadabaev, SH. Urdievlar, and the head of the laboratory, S. Alikulov defended their candidate theses. At that time, 10 out of 13 teachers in the department had a candidate's degree. Since 1984, associate professor F.Q. Dadabaev has been elected as the head of the department. Sh.U.Yuldashev defended his doctorate theses in 1981, A.I.Korsun in 1983, and in the same year Sh.U.Yoldashev was elected to the position of head of the "Machine Repair" department. In 1995-2002, the department "Using the machine tractor fleet" was headed by associate professor S.S. Sulaymonov. Since 2002, the "Machine repair" and "Machine tractor park use" departments have been combined to form the "Machine tractor park use and repair" department, and associate professor E.T. Farmonov was elected as its head. In connection with the transfer of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization to the Tashkent State Agrarian University in 2004, based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, this department was merged with the "Agricultural Machinery" department to form the "Use and Repair of Agricultural Machinery" department. associate professor O. Orinboev is elected as its director. In 2005-2010, associate professor D. Alijanov, in 2010-2012, professor B.P. Shaimardonov led the department. In 2012, the department was divided into two, on the basis of which the departments "Agricultural machines" and "Machine tractor fleet use and technical service" were established. Associate professor R. Khalilov was elected to the position of head of the "Machine tractor fleet use and technical service" department. In May 2017, based on the Decision No. 3003 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers was established, and within the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization, the "Machine Use and Repair" department was established, and associate professor A.K. Igamberdiev was elected. Our department has a total of 9 professors and employees, including 7 associate professors (1 deputy), 2 assistants. The name of the department changed to "Engineering Systems Management" in February 2023.From August 31, 2023, Berdimuratov Parakhat Tajimuratovich has been acting as the head of the "Engineering Systems Management" department.

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