The Department of Agricultural Machinery includes Iowa State University, Texas Agrarian University (USA), Ondokuz Mayis University and the Association for the Organization of Ecological Agriculture (Turkey), Malaysian Technological University (Malaysia), Angel Kinchev Rusen University (Bulgaria), Russian State Agrarian University. University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after Timiryazev, N.V. Conducting educational and research work, conferences, seminars and meetings with scientists of the North-Eastern Agrarian Research Center named after Rudnitsky and the House of Science and Technology of Krasnoyarsk Krai (Russia), M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University and Seyfulin Kazakh Agrarian Technical University International cooperation has been established in the field of organization. Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization for Integration of Science with Education and Production, Center for Testing and Certification of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies, JSC "BMKB-Agromash", JSC "Uzagroservis", JV "UzKlaasagro", JV "Agrixim" and in collaboration with other organizations.