Congratulations on honorary order, Teacher!

On September 30, 2020 at the of International Congress in "Hilton" Palace Shoumarova Mukhayo Shoumarovna, professor of the department of "Agricultural machinery" of our institute, was awarded the highest award of our country "Order of Labor Glory".

Shoumarova Mukhayo was born in 1939 in Tashkent. In 1961 she graduated from Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers. From 1961 to 1973 she was a graduate student at the Institute of Mechanics of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, then a senior researcher, and in 1971 she was the first Uzbek woman to receive a PhD in technical sciences. Since 1973, she has been working as a senior lecturer, associate professor, professor at the Department of "Agricultural Machinery" of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers for 56 years. M.Shoumarova was awarded the title of associate professor in TIIAME in 2001 and professor in 2009.

M. Shoumarova in collaboration with colleagues published more than 250 scientific, methodological works, manuals and textbooks on 6 subjects for higher education in agricultural machinery which can be used in cotton, agriculture, greenhouses, horticulture, beekeeping and silkworm breeding. In 2002 in the Republican competition, the textbook on agricultural machinery in Uzbek language was awarded an honorary 1st place as a textbook for the the first time. Her co-authored textbook for colleges "Agricultural Machinery", won the first place in the  Republican competition 2005, and her second textbook for higher education won second place in 2009.

M. Shoumarova is actively involved in spiritual and educational activities. She is a well-known scientist who has worked at a higher education institution, who succeeded to reveal her God-given qualities and opportunities, and has reached the level of a skilled teacher being an excellent example for young people. M. Shaumarova is an educated researcher, the first woman mechanic in Uzbekistan, who is very demanding of herself and her colleagues. She is a modest and hard-working person who constantly works on herself to improve professional skills, a caring coach, a passionate person who works tirelessly for the welfare of the Motherland. Professor M. Shaumarova is a highly respected, modest and demanding teacher among professors and students of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers. We sincerely congratulate the teacher on the award "Order of Labor Glory", and wish her good health and success in her further works.

K. Shavazov, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization